How much does roulette pay

 Roulette offers many betting possibilities, but despite this complexity it is a very easy game to learn. To ensure an adequate payout, you need to be absolutely sure you are putting your chips on the table in the right place and obviously know how much roulette pays.

By combining different bets or by choosing to prefer inside or outside bets you will have systems. If you are interested in systems, you can consult our guide to all systems to win at roulette .

All roulette payments have a payment system of na 1 or based on the amount of the bet you will get back the amount of the bet and the total of the multiplication. Let’s take an example by betting 1 euro with a payment of 8 to 1 to win 8 euro plus the euro for the bet for a total of 9 euro.

In roulette, all bets are divided into two macro categories inside bets and outside bets.

What are the outside bets of roulette

The outside bets of the roulete are all those played outside the number board. The chips must be placed on the outside of the roulette game board. The possible outside bets are: Red and Black, Odd and Even, Low and High, Column and Dozen. Let’s see how much roulette pays on these bets.

How much does Red and Black pay?

The bet on Red and Black has a payout of 1 to 1 if the ball lands on the chosen color.

How much does the odd and even pay?

The odd and even bet has a payout of 1 to 1 if the drawn number is odd or even based on the bet.

How much does the low and high pay?

The low and high bet has a payout of 1 to 1 if the drawn number is between 1-18 if the bet is low; otherwise if the number drawn is between 19-36 if the stake is High.

How much does Colonna pay?

The column bet has a payout of 2 to 1 if the drawn number is in the column chosen in the bet

How much does the Dozen pay?

The Dozen bet has a payout of 2 to 1 if the drawn number is present in the chosen dozen.

What are the inside bets in roulette?

Internal bets are all those that take place within the grid of numbers, in the internal part of the board. The chips must be placed on the inside of the roulette game board. The possible inside bets in roulette are: Straight, the Horse, the Triplet, the Quatrain or Carrè and the Line or the Sestina. Let’s see how much roulette pays on these bets.

How much does the Full Number pay?

The full number bet has a payout of 35 to 1 if the drawn number is the same as the player chooses.

How much does the horse pay?

The split bet has a payout of 17 to 1 if the drawn number is one of two chosen by the player.

How much does the Terzina pay?

The Street Bet has a payout of 11 to 1 if the drawn number is one of the 3 chosen by the player.

How much does the Quartina or Carrè pay?

The Quatrain bet has a payout of 8 to 1 if the drawn number is one of the 4 chosen by the player.

How much does Linea or Sestina pay?

The Line bet has a payout of 5 to 1 if the drawn number is one of the 6 chosen by the player.

Should I Take a Health Supplement?

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Spend Your Time With Casino It Gives Fun And Also Offers Jackpot For You!

Numerous people will spend their vacation time in casino games. Casino gambling games are more excited and fun-based games. These games are mainly accumulated in resorts and cruise ships because many individuals spend their summer holidays in gambling. First of all, you need to have some experience in betting games before entering into a gambling casino. You must gather information about which casino games are easy to win the jackpot!

Is It Possible To Earn Money In Casino?

Of course, yes! It is possible to earn money by playing gambling casino games. There are some of the ways for winning gambling games that make you rich. There are some regular casinos players among them few believe in luck and few believe in their skills. More people love to play gambling, they trust that one day they will become a millionaire at once they come to know the tricks and strategies. Casino gambling is one of the leading games that ruling the internet. Casino games are the complete pack of fun and entertainment, which is easily delivered to the people. 

Which Casino Games Are Easy To Win?

The casino provides many gambling games on it. People always prefer to play table games, which is easy to make money. On the other hand, many people don’t believe that table games are better than the slots. Playing no1 online casino singapore is not a bad thing, but you have some limit to play; don’t invest your whole money in gambling. Remember that gambling games are just for fun and entertainment, and it will keep you cool and relax. There are some easy winning games are available in the casino, they are listed below: 

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette

These games are simple and easy to earn money and are entirely fun-filled packages. This is going to be crazy day by day!

Tricks To Winning At Casino:

  • Identify the hulking dealers
  • Don’t move your eyes, always keeps on the prize
  • Bet the maximum
  • Play slot machines will hit your jackpot
  • Don’t play keno
  • Earn some experience to chase your jackpot
  • Don’t get hesitate about “Due” payout

Which Time Is Best To Play Casino?

You can play casino games in the morning, afternoon, or night; simply to say anywhere and anytime. Most of the casinos are available for the whole day like 24/7 open. The perfect time for playing casino is when you’re free and when you feel more comfortable to play games without any disturbance and you can choose that time. Time is very important to play gambling games. If you’re not in the mood, definitely you will lose your money. So, take your own time to play games. 


Gambling casino games are more fun until you lose your valuable money. So, think twice to enter into the gambling world. Once you know how to play games, you will surely kick off the prize. So, don’t let to slip this wonderful opportunity and if you know the strategies then you will never get disappointed about the game. Now you would have got a fair idea about the gambling casino games; then why are you waiting for? Let’s start to play and rock the gambling world! Try to share the advantages of casino games to everyone and this information will help people, who want to play casino gambling games.

Finding the Best online betting site for you

Here choosing the online site for playing games is one of the best ways for entertainment purposes. On knowing this, here, many of them are choosing the mmc singapore casino online site for playing sports-related games easily. Whenever you are trying to play games online, at that time is time to choose this casino site. This is one of the possible online betting sites for you. Here not only sports games, but you can also play the slot games to earn more money. 

Play online slot game easily 

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Why choose this site?

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 Bet with favorite players 

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Bored During Lockdown: Earn Money from Online Casino


Every person feels a lot of problems during this lockdown period. Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every industry around the world. When you think about the casinos victory 996 , it is one place that cannot be opened for a long time. 

As you already know that due to the crowd gathering, it can lead to spreading viruses quickly. That is why the casino owners have decided to close it until it has settled down. 


Why can't I win my current bets or slots while betting in Online CasinosEven after taking all the precautions, it will still be the same. That is why you can consider a better alternative to claiming your favorite gambling games. You can try your luck at the online casinos, which will surely offer you an incredible experience. 

Simple Steps for Registering at the casino

It is quite simple to register on the casino site. All you have to do is look for some specific information about the casino, and you can easily do it. So you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of your time as you can you do it right from your home. 

You have to pick up your smartphone and then place your bets on it. This way, you can easily consider all the information about it. Make sure that you look for the right side to register on.

Safer methods for adding money in casino wallet

The next reason for choosing an online casino is that you can easily find that it offers you a safe and secure payment method. You can easily pay for the casino money online. 

This way, you can add money to the casino wallet and then use it to play a special game type. It will help you to win real money so that it can easily be brought to your account.

The Best Way to Play a New Online Casino Online Casino BonusesBetting on different games & sports

There a wide range of sports and games available on the casino sites. It means that you can also place your bets on different types of sports. You can select the game that you want to bet upon and then place your bet accordingly. This will help you to enjoy betting right from your house. It will be quite comfortable so that you want facing issues.

Choose Big or Small Stake Games

Now have to make sure that you consider the stakes of the game. There are different types of games with big or small stakes. When you get information about such things, then you will surely enjoy a better experience.

Bigger Rewards on every casino game.

It is important to look for information about the reward system on the casino sites. So you should learn such information about the poker online before playing. It will help you to enjoy a much better experience so that you can enjoy the better winnings. So make sure that you get all the necessary details about the casino games.

You can try out various types of games at the casino, including football betting, which will be quite fun for you. All the games are quite amazing, and you will surely love them. To make sure that you consider everything regarding the casino sites to ensure that you win big rewards. There are different types of things that you can search for in the casino.


Way to choose a trusted online gambling site

Casino Card Games - List of All Real Money Card Games & Types

Do you love to play gambling games like roulette? Online gambling is one of the most popular activities in the work that allow millions of people to fulfill their gambling needs. Gone are the days when people spend several hours and a lot of effort to visit a land based casino to play their favourite gambling game. In the present technological era, the internet makes it quite easy and convenient for people to enjoy the best gambling services at the comfort of their home. 

Nowadays, people found it easy and convenient to access online casinos and play their favorite gambling games because it can help to save their lots of time and effort. With the popularity of the online casino, the number of casinos on the online platform is also increasing day by day and assures to provide the best gambling services to the customers. But with the rise of gambling sites, it becomes quite difficult for people to choose one best gambling site to invest their money. 

Whenever you go to enjoy the online casino services, it is important for you to note that whether the gambling site you choose is legal or not. At some places, online gambling is considered illegal, so you need to make any decision carefully and choose a reliable and legal gambling site to play a safe and secure gambling game. 

Choosing the right online casino is the key decision whenever you are thinking to play online casino games. So, it is important for you to make a proper decision and choose the best gambling to enjoy a safe casino game. Playing online casino games is considered one most effective way to make money at the comfort of your home that gives you high entertainment but you have to look at the best casino site to fulfill your casino needs. Here are some of the most effective ways that can help you to make the right decision while choosing the best casino site:

Casino cards on a green background. | Stock image | Colourbox

Check out online reviews 

Whenever you connect to any online casino place, it is beneficial for you to have proper knowledge about the rules, terms, and conditions of the website. You need to choose a website with high technology equipment so that you can keep your account safe and secure. It is important for you to read the online reviews and feedback of the previous customers to find a reliable and trustworthy casino site. 

Competitive odds and payment options 

As a player, you want to get the high competitive odds in the game so that you can become the winner of the game. But it is very important for you to make proper strategies so that you choose the best casino game that helps you to make more money. 

Online customer services 

Last but not least, you should look for a casino site that offers the best casino facilities to the customers. You can make proper research to look for a website that offers you a variety of casino games and the best payment options for smooth gameplay. 

Blackjack: the house rules

Under the rules of Blackjack for the dealer, the dealer is required to play the hand in a certain way, as he has no alternative. In fact, he is required to observe a rule that determines the score on the basis of which he must continue to take the card,


For the rules the dealer must stop if he scores at least 17


The general rule is that the dealer must stop, if he scores at least 17. In this case, in fact, the dealer must continue with the game until he scores 17 or more.


The Ace in Blackjack, depending on the course of the game, is worth 1 or 11. For example, if the dealer has the Ace and the 8 comes out of the deck, he totals 19 and therefore must stop. Same thing if he gets the Ace-6 combination, as he reaches a score of 17. Obviously, if the dealer goes over 21, he busts and the stake goes to the player.


If, on the other hand, after the Ace, other low cards come out consecutively, such as 5 and 7, in total he gets a score of 13. In this case, in fact, the Ace is worth 1 and therefore, the dealer will have to continue to throw cards until a score of 17 or more is obtained.


Some exceptions that apply in some casinos: the dealer must hit with a soft 17


In the game of Blackjack , soft is when you hit a hand containing an Ace, without busting. There is a soft 17, therefore, if after the Ace a 6 (A, 6) or two 3 (A, 3,3) or three 2 (A, 2,2,2) is drawn from the deck. In such cases, the Ace is worth 11 and the total is 17.


Each gambling house determines whether or not to give the dealer the possibility to ask for another card with a soft 17, often indicated with s17 as opposed to h17 which means hard 17. Obviously, this information is clearly visible to the player on the green carpet of the Blackjack table, especially if you play Live Blackjack.


These aspects also vary depending on the software house that provides the game. For example, the giant of world gambling, Playtech , in the case of Lucky Blackjack, indicates on the green carpet that the dealer must roll up to 16 and stand on all 17s. Same thing goes for the Blackjack-Pro of the Swedish Netent and variants of 888 Holdings and other brands operating on the Italian legal JDL688 casino online market.


When a casino goes from s17 to h17, the chances for the dealer to beat the player increase by about 0.2% .


If the dealer doesn’t bust, in fact, for most of the times he manages to score more than 17, beating his opponent at the table.

Baccarat and most popular variants

Online Baccarat is a form of entertainment available in all major Aams online casinos that can offer moments of great entertainment, but also great cash winnings.

In addition to being available in the traditional Online Casino schedule, a Baccarat App is very often made available for users who wish to play at any time and wherever they are from a mobile device (Tablet and Smarthphone).

Within the gaming platforms with Aams license, which by now have specialized in offering game services in live version, such as StarCasino, it is also possible to try different Baccarat tables articulated for different levels of minimum and maximum bet, in such a way as to give anyone the opportunity to have fun and try their luck, putting into play funds proportionate to their personal economic possibilities.

Furthermore, during the games, the user also has the possibility to communicate via chat both with the dealer and with the other players participating in the game.

The Live Baccarat is very popular with the fans, as the game modes are very similar to the ones used in any land-based casino and there is no random random number generator that determines the outcome of each hand.

On average, the payback percentages for the player who bets at online Baccarat and game variants, including the live version, are around 98% -99%.

The different variants

In addition to the live version of Baccarat, however, this card game features other very interesting variations that have been created over the centuries in different countries around the world. In fact, the original version of Baccarat has undergone changes which have resulted in other distinct variations.

The main versions of Baccarat are divided into two categories: American Baccarat and European Baccarat . In the first version, it is the casino that manages the bank and the betting limit is set by the bettors. In the second, however, the betting limit is established by the casino.

Over time, however, other variants of Baccarat have been introduced that soon became famous in the gaming rooms of the main land-based casinos around the world, such as the following:

  • Punto Banco . Aficionados also call it regular Baccarat: the rules that apply to the conduct of this game are the same as for Baccarat. This card game is very popular on the North American continent.
  • The Chemin de fer . It is a variant that has very similar characteristics to Punto Banco and the main difference consists in the alternation of the banker, who is usually a bettor, with another player in the event of a losing hand.
  • Super Pan Nine . This version is well known by bettors who play at online casinos and is different from traditional Baccarat due to the number of cards that the banker deals: they are 3 and not 2. Furthermore, the number of cards with an even score increases. to zero: they are 7, 8 and 9. For the rest, the rules underlying this card game are the same as those provided for classic Baccarat.
  • Mini Baccarat is widely played in the States and Canada, as well as in the main online casinos. The rules, for the most part, are the same as those of Baccarat and differ in that they offer lower betting limits than the main version.